SAS, Precast Concrete

11 Jul

Anthracite black is a trend-setter

Release, Product

SAS offers a wide range of products in Anthracite Black, a fashionable colour that is setting trends in the worlds of architecture and design.

Wall coping slabs and 1 M slabs
Double-bevelled stone wall coping and 1 m wall coping
Rigato Pillar
CP-40/50 and CK-40/50 Pillar Caps
Slat Screenwalling

SEND-48 Stepping Stone
Decorative Stone

TESSERA Slate Appearance

Aran Cladding
Aran Cornerstone

22 Jun

SAS Outdoor exhibitions

Corporate, Product

SAS offers you the opportunity to set up outdoor exhibitions that allow customers to appreciate the different textures, finishes and colours of our products.

This is helpful for both distributor and customer: it makes it easier for the distributor to explain the features and benefits of the products, and it will be easier for the customer to decide on their purchase given that they can see and physically touch the product.

We have STANDARD DISPLAYS: Wall coping, pillars and blocks, balusters, swimming pool, garden, pavements and Bradstone.

For enquiries regarding our CUSTOM EXHIBITIONS, please contact our Sales Office or the salesperson for your area.

In the photo, you can see an example of a beautiful custom exhibition together with standard displays.

08 Jun

New colour for the Slat Screenwalling

Product, Release

Our SLAT SCREENWALLING is now available in the most on-trend colour: ANTHRACITE BLACK. This colour gives the screenwalling a highly contemporary look. Designed to give a decorative touch to fences or separation walls, the Slat Screenwalling has angled slats that prevent people looking in from the outside.

It comes in 8-cm-thick sections and is also available in White.

23 May

There's still time to revamp your garden


Don't forget that SAS offers a wide range of Pool Coping and Garden Decoration products, all of which are easy to install and require no subsequent maintenance.

Our high quality SWIMMING POOL COPING is extremely resistant and is manufactured without reinforcement. The different finishes, textures and colours are suitable for any project, whether it be rustic or urban, contemporary or traditional. And the most important thing: SAS pool coping won't burn your feet!!

Our range of GARDEN DECORATION products offer practical, original and attractive solutions: Kerbs, Log Sleepers, Walkways, Fountains, Low Walls, Planters, Urban Gardens, etc.


11 May

RP Shot-Blast Swimming Pool Coping: 10% PROMOTION

Release, Product

SAS is offering an additional 10% discount on whole pallets of Log Sleepers TGV-65 and TGV-95 and Stepping Stones DOMUSEND and DOMUSEND-35 between 9th-19th May, both days included. This promotion cannot be used in conjunction with other additional discounts.

Swimming pools capped with RP Coping are a classic at SAS. Offering great quality and resistance, they are anti-slip and require no maintenance. Their shot-blasted appearance creates a highly elegant finish, exposing the marble aggregate used in their production.